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I am a dedicated, career Executive Assistant. I enjoy helping professionals realize their full potential by ridding them of the tasks they may not have the most time for, or may not be as skilled in performing. I chose to provide these services through a company brand, Advanced Business Services, to allow clients the ability to rest assured, knowing they are working with a true professional who is as serious about their business as I am my own.

My rewarding career path has afforded me the opportunities to assist individual professionals as well as entire departments in various capacities and industries; develop an advanced level of knowledge, encompassing every area of administrative skills and functions; and become well versed in a great number of application programs.

Throughout my years of dedicated administrative service, my expertise has been strategically utilized in effort to assist with employee retention, future corporate growth and sustainability, and to ensure the overall efficiency and relevance of the professionals I supported in their positions.

Rest assured, confidentiality is a large aspect of providing efficient support that I do not take lightly.  I have worked on many high profile government contracts; worked alongside CEOs and CFOs; worked in management positions in the healthcare industry; and spent time assisting in and managing human resources departments.  In those positions and many others, I was continuously exposed to streams of confidential information that were never compromised.

At any level, you are guaranteed to receive specialized assistance and management solutions to match your individual needs.

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